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Perverse Mind in Quarantine (english version)


Covid-19 has generated crisis in film industry, has blocked production and there is great uncertainty about the near future. Someone experiment new ways, such as Gabriele Salvatores with project "Journey to Italy"  or Gabriele Muccino with "The Great Chaos", films shot remotely to tell about the coronavirus lockdown.
Different case for mysterious German director Alexander Fennert who, forced to stop working on his second movie "Execrable", decided to tell his quarantine through the found-footage film technique. So is born PERVERSE MIND IN QUARANTINE, a trip through dreams and nightmares of a director in lockdown. Fennert says: «Perversion's definition is deviation, is deviance from recognized social moral norms. Today this concept is different, cause new social and moral norms imposes new rules and consequently new perversions ». In Fennert's intentions there is the will to tell the social unease through the provocation of the images, in a sort of hallucinatory trip in which 'perversion' takes on a different meaning, sometimes poetic.
PERVERSE MIND IN QUARANTINE will be distributed by LuPa Film, which had already promoted for Italy Alexander Fennert's debut film "Hippocampus M 21th", and propose to public an absolute new: a personalized copy for each private viewing, with name and surname on the opening credits, in such a way that the viewer becomes part of the same movie, but also as thanks and sharing to remember solidarity and the desire to overcome this difficult moment for everyone.
PayPal Money Box is active to order and support the project.
With a minimum offer of € 5 you will receive a personalized copy of the movie, with your name on the main titles, in addition the free streaming of Hippocampus M 21th, first movie directed by Alexander Fennert.


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